Friday, August 14, 2009

Scream to a whisper

Here is my first adult sized sweater, the Whisper Cardigan, close to completion! I can't wait to get this on, it is wonderfully soft and flowy. The cashmere is from a beautiful sweater I took apart, it was oddly sized as it fit me fine but was quite short, though anobviously not intended for a cropped sweater. The yarn was quite thick so I ended up unplying one skein and I think I should get the entire cardigan made from this one skein, leaving me lots of leftover cashmere for another project. I've been called crazy for going through this for one sweater, but people spin their own yarn and this hardly took that much time and the results are amazing :)


Kathy said...

You're so right D, the results are spectacular! How clever to unply, too.
Promise you'll wear it at the next "Sororiety" meeting, Sis! ;)

nicola said...