Monday, November 9, 2009

Secret pal

I am in shock as I am typing this. I have not taken photos because I just put windows 7 on my computer and don't have all my software installed, but I just recieved my final gift from my secret pal and I actually got tears in my eyes as I opened it. First off there were some wonderful smelling avon products, including a really nice hand lotion which I NEED, because my hands are always so dry! Then there were some yummy Canadian treats, which I always miss living here in the US. And then there was not one, but two books - the first and second Barbara Walker Treasuries. The books I have been wanting for so long, that I have been hunting through used book stores for, that I was going to use as my incentive for finishing nanowrimo (maybe). I can't even believe it, I am in such shock! I swear she must have had a telescope poking into my room to know me so well.

Thank you PENNY!! This was the most amazing package I've ever recieved and I'm so glad you were my secret pal!

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Penny said...

I am so happy I could make you happy. Enjoy your books.