Friday, May 8, 2009


I have to confess that since I first became pregnant over 5 years ago, my confidence in myself has been at an all-time low. Sure I'm confident (or at least can fake it) in certain areas of my life, but for the most part I've been a fairly insecure shrinking violet, particularly in social situations. My weight has been a big factor, as I'm the biggest I've ever been, and although it is something I am working on, it isn't changing as quickly as I'd like.

Since deciding to "refashion" my wardrobe and thrift store finds, I have spent a lot more time looking through rack and racks of potential clothes. I haven't really willingly shopped for clothes for myself in a long time, as I find it discouraging to see lumps and bumps where there used to be none. Now that I'm back into it, as I used to be a thrifting queen, I'm discovering I'm not nearly as bad off as I feared I was. In particular, I have found fasionable sweaters from stores I never thought made clothes in my size, items I had planned to tear apart and reknit into something that fits me, only to get home and discover they fit me just fine. This is really actually helping me to accept who I am as I try to better myself, and isn't that really the goal?

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nicola said...

finding things that make you feel good and look good is wonderful. and if you can be crafty with them in the process, all the more fun.
although it sounds very "program," i had a lot of success with 'body for life' (google it, although their website is embarrassing.) i skipped all the pre-made snacks and stuck with the concept of smaller, balanced meals and daily exercise (per their regimes.) it has made a huge difference and is doable with kids.
hope that wasn't too much information.