Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonus "sorry for not updating" for you!

Well another two weeks, another update. I'll get better at this I swear.

In the past two weeks I've finished up my Argosy scarf, which is blocking right now;

I used the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn for this, and did 31 repeats (instead of 35) - it's plenty long. I love love love the way the colours blend, who would have though pink and orange and green and purple would look so nice?!

I've also gotten through three repeats of the Entomology shawl from the new Summer issue of knitty. I'm using the softest cashmere recycled from an extra large men's Eddie Bauer sweater, I'm not a huge fan of the stranded look but I might overdye it when it's done. I'll try on a small swatch and see how it looks, but I'm thinking a darker blue or even a red to make a purplish hue.

A close up of the "dragonflies"

We're heading up to my parents cabin at the end of July, so I want something easy and mindless to bring along. I'm planning on making a Satchel in pink (for my pink laptop, fitting), with a brown border. That seems a little plain to me so I charted out a dragonfly to add to the front flap, my attempt was to get the celtic-inspired infinity wings. I'm not sure how it will look but it's my first chart, and as an apology for never updating it's my gift to you. If you use the chart I'd love to see what you make!

Full size (8.5x11) available here.


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Kathy said...

Not just knitting--- but dyeing and charting, too? Dang! You're one crafty girl.
I love your shawl.
And your lovely dragonfly's going be perfect on that satchel.