Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Binding

I have a fun new little hobby, book binding! I have a Twilight-obsessed friend and we are going to see New Moon tonight so I made her a blank notebook using a copy of the New Moon cover. It was fairly amatuer (there was glue on the pages!) but it was fun, and I learned a new skill. Then when I was away at a retreat a couple of weeks ago I learned a new way of book binding, with no adhesive, it's more of a Japanese form of book binding. While there I made this:

For a ravelry group I'm on we are having a November challenge - my challenge was 50k words for nanowrimo (which I finished, by the way, go me), others are knitting sweaters, finishing projects, etc. As a prize incentive I am throwing in some books, I've made three so far, I hope people like them!

What do you think, too amateur?

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Mama2boys said...

Danielle they are beautiful! I so wish I had of done taken that workshop. Oh well, you'll have to teach me...please, please, pretty please!!!