Saturday, July 11, 2009

Knit wit

For those of you not on Ravelry, I've finished my first attempt at a lace shawl (the one I mentioned here). I'm not sure why, as I never wear anything like this, but it IS unbelievably soft cashmere, so I might have to start!

I'm starting on a Whisper cardigan from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits, though I'm using the schematic more than the actual pattern. I'm using a heavier yarn (recycled cashmere as well, think I have an addiction problem maybe?) so it might not turn out like it is in my head, but at least it will be soft!

This is only my second sweater (unless you count the half cardigan I made for Xander, which I don't), but there is no seaming. A couple years ago I made Gabriel a sweater though.


nicola said...

beautiful. makes me wish i knitted better.

Mama2boys said...

love the shawl, beautiful! Let me know what type of sweaters you look out for at second hand places if you like, i am always at goodwill/salvation army scouting their books and would love to check out sweaters for you too =) Hugs..xx

Kathy said...

Gorgeous shawl--- you'll look absolutely ravishing in it!
I'm really impressed with you intarsia for Gabriel. Trés cool!

Katlyn said...

That sweater is so cute!

Nutella Nutterson said...

If you want me to come over and help block your shawl, I'm totally there! I have blocking wires and everything!